A New Venture...a personal journey

Shepherd's Harvest Goats Milk Soap, all packaged up and ready to go!
Bees Wax rolled candles...I thought they came out kind of spiffy!

A few months ago I made a decision.  The reasons were difficult and complicated, but the bottom line was that I needed to leave my job.  In our current economy, it felt as if I was being terribly irresponsible--a loser, even.  Imagine my surprise, then, when several coworkers immediately offered to act as references should I apply for another position elsewhere!  The reason they gave was that the position I was in was so difficult that they did not expect that anyone would be able to do that job, and last.  So now I am out of work, with no unemployment to fall back on, in a rough economy...sink or swim time!

A good friend asked me a few weeks ago, "If you could do anything at all that you wanted to do right now, what would it be?" My answer?  Make Shepherd's Harvest a viable business.  But I wonder...in this economy...

So, I have decided to try.  Still looking for a job, hoping for some temporary work, but at the same time I am making some all-natural products in hopes that people will want them, at a reasonable price.  This blog will occasionally chronicle my progress, sometimes giving some successes and failures (let's be real here!), but mostly you will see the same encouragement--recipes, organic and sustainable information, etc.--you have seen over the last several weeks.

Sooooo...off I go!  Yesterday I made candles, and the day before that I made a lot of soap.  A family member is making handmade dish cloths.  I ordered ingredients to make all-natural deodorant which I think I can offer for a very reasonable price--aluminum is in regular antiperspirant and is not good for you.  All natural lip balm is also a possibility....we'll see.  Can you help out?  There is a poll on the side bar of the blog, a little market research if you will.  Let me know what you would be interested in purchasing, if you were to purchase all-natural products.

If you would like to know more about Shepherd's Harvest, there is a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ShepherdsHarvest.

What new venture have you been thinking about?  Let me know if you are thinking about trying something new!