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Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to turn a Shampoo Bar into Liquid Shampoo

Shampoo Bars Curing in a box in the Shepherd's Harvest Workshop!
When I started my little home-based Shepherd's Harvest business, I decided follow the following principles:  The products had to be the highest quality possible, all natural, and affordable. When possible, organic and fair trade is the order of the day, but the balance between organic and affordable can be pretty delicate!  I should mention that in soap and shampoo bars, the lye I use is not "technically" natural, it is "nature identical" but natural lye is pretty difficult to work with because it is not very uniform, the lye used in the shampoo bars is precisely measured so that it "saponifies" or chemically combines completely.  There is also an occasional "fragrance" which is produces specifically for cold-processed soap (I prefer essential oils) or an "iron oxide" color (no FD&C colors, ever)...but I am super-picky about what goes into the soaps and other things...but I digress...

When I started looking at how to make shampoo, I realized that shampoo bars were the best option because they did not require the addition of water.  What is wrong with water?  As soon as you add water, you end up needing some sort of preservative...so much for being natural! 

Yet, when I started using the shampoo bars, I found that they were a little difficult to use on my super thick hair because the bar kept getting wound up in the strands of longer hair.  It is not too difficult to move the hair aside and just scrub the bar on my scalp, so that was what I did for a while.  It was worth it, because it smells so nice and lathers so well!

But then it occured to me that I could turn my shampoo bar into liquid!  I devised a method, tried it, and it worked like a charm.  For the last several months I have been turning my shampoo bars into liquid shampoo, and loving it!

Here is my method, it is pretty simple:

Grate 1 shampoo bar, place in a stainless or bowl.  Separately boil 16 oz of water, then pour it over the shampoo bar gratings.  Heat the mixture on a very low setting on the stove, stirring until the shampoo gratings are completely melted.  Turn the mixture off, cover, and let sit for several hours.  The mixture will be at "gel stage" and will create its own heat for a long period of time.  Stir occasionally until it eventually cools, and pour into your shampoo bottle.  If you like your shampoo thinner, add water; if you like it thicker, let it sit in an open bowl for a few days longer so that the water evaporates.

Voila!  All natural liquid shampoo, no preservatives, no yucky stuff.  Given the choice, do you prefer solid or liquid shampoo?  Have you ever tried a shampoo bar?  If so...what did you think?  I would love to hear your feedback!