Making Soap...Part 2

Yesterday, I told you about various ingredients involved in the "cold press" process of soap-making.  Today, I will give you a recipe!  

Before you begin, make sure you have the following items on hand:
  • Food Scale
  • Stick blender (this is the type with a covered blade so it does not splash)
  • 2 large, deep metal (preferably stainless) pots--stock pots work well
  • 2 metal utensils for scooping and stirring
  • Rubber gloves
  • Goggles

A Simple Goat's Milk Soap Recipe

40 oz Olive Oil (not extra virgin, pomace is fine.)
12 oz. coconut or palm oil
17 oz. frozen goat’s milk
7.1 oz lye
Pour lye into frozen milk and stir until dissolved.  
Melt oils until coconut is just melted.  
Take temp of the lye and the oils, and do not mix until they are within 10º of each other...they should be approximately 100 - 110º 

Mix with stick blender until it reaches trace.
When comes to trace, add fragrance.  
Pour into 4 lb. lined box 

Tomorrow...part 3!  Where to find all of the supplies.  I am working on that one...was hoping to have it together today, but no such luck.  Tomorrow I promise:  supplies, where to find them online, and simple clickable links to find everything!  

Have a great day!