Organic Food-on-a-budget Update!

Organic herbs and spices...found for a reasonable price at Target!

Just wanted to give you a few tips for organic shopping as we head into the holidays--for a full rundown, read my previous Organic Food On a Budget blog, it has an abundance of great tips for purchasing organics for the same price (or less!) than grocery-store food.

On my latest foray, I spent most of my time at Ocean State Job Lot.  For readers who are not local, this is a regional chain which purchases surplus items and overages.  With the current economy, apparently organics are sometimes over-purchased, a wonderful situation for organic bargain hunters!  Bob's Red Mill was abundant--I found arrowroot flour, steel cut oats, organic white flour, whole wheat pastry flour, and much much more!  Organic olive oil was very reasonable, as was high quality organic spaghetti sauce and fruit snacks.  I skipped the fruit snacks, but if you have children it is important to consider purchasing chemical-free snacks with no artificial colors or flavors...and no high fructose corn syrup.  (Conventional fruit snacks are kind of scary.)

Next, I visited Target, still my heart!!!!  They have a line which I had not yet discovered:  Archer Farms.  Watch for their organic spices, in an adorable glass bottle.  If you cannot get to the co-op for $.50 spices in a plastic bag, these are a great alternative.  They were about $2.50 each, and would make a great addition to an organic gift basket.  I indulged here...check out my picture.  Archer Farms also carries some lovely organic snacks--corn and potato chips, etc. which taste great, although I did not see a GMO-free label.  I did not see many organics in the produce or frozen food section, although there were a few nice brands like Kashi.

Target also carries Burt's Bees, Dr. Bronner, J.R. Watkins, Method, and Mrs. Meyers cleaners and personal a great selection there.  Recently I discovered that I love J.R. Watkins kitchen spray and dishwashing liquid.  The packaging is so cute that I re-use it...yes, I am a packaging geek!  Ah, well.

Finally, I visited the local grocer.  Alas, either the fresh organic produce seems to be drying up locally (I am in Connecticut), or folks are not asking for it.  Olivia's Organics is always in stock, fulfilling my spinach smoothie/greens requirement (yay) I suppose I will make it through the winter.  Also, there is a local farm which freezes their produce, so I will be visiting them this winter as well.  Local sourcing is critical...but not cheap!  Since I am working full time now and the co-op is a little distance away, I have not been there in a while.  That still seems to be my best source for fresh organic produce, but a little bit unattainable.

So there is the update...a bit scattered, but there it is.  Hope it helps!  How is your organic shopping experience recently?


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