Soap, Soap, and More Soap!

 Good morning...I missed you!  For the last several weeks we have had 5 children, 5 adults, and 3 large dogs living in the house; and I have been working full time as a substitute teacher.  Busy?  I think so!  But there is nothing in the world like the happy sounds of five little ones every morning to brighten your day...5 breakfasts to prepare, 5 heads to brush, all those little shoes to was the best!  Our oldest daughter was staying with us as she was preparing to move to Hawaii with her husband who is in the military, and our younger daughter has lived with us with her two girls.  We also gained a son-in-law from Peru, who loves to do yard work, and is VERY good at it.  Truly we are blessed!  But now our daughter has moved, the girls are visiting their father for a few weeks, and it is so quiet and still...
...that I am making soap.  A LOT of soap.  What does this grammy do to avoid being sad?  Pray and make soap!  A few days before they left, I picked up several containers of goat milk, ordered some fragrances and colors, and am now performing soap a black-and-white striped coconut soap, and a green pine-scented soap, and lavender, and unscented, and...the list goes on.  Hope someone wants to buy this mess in about a month!  It smells lovely in the workshop though.  Oh, and there is also all-natural insect repellent (made a ton of that), all-natural deodorant (2 scents!), and shampoo bars. 
I redesigned the labels.  And the packaging.
The moral of the story is this:  it has been a rough week, but living a sustainable life does not mean living a perfect life.  Disappointments come.  Channel your time and energy into something positive.  Pray and work hard, and you will never regret your actions.  As you work hard, you have time to think about the disappointments and sorrows, but because you are working you have an outlet to express all of those feelings.  It keeps you balanced and gives you an opportunity to pour it all out to God, as well as think it through logically.  Whatever you do, just don't sit around and allow yourself to be depressed...when things are REALLY bad, I allow 1 day MAXIMUM.  Then, back to work.  Everyone moves forward, how will you do it? 
Grace and Peace...


  1. I'm home from the nursing home....hay....full steam ahead. Dawn RI

    1. Dawn, were you IN the nursing home or working there? You are one of the main reasons I came back to writing this blog, by the way...thank you for your encouragement!


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