I'll be back!

In case you haven't noticed...I have not blogged in a week or so.  Sometimes, in order to keep balance in life, it becomes necessary to rearrange things.  Occasionally things...even things we love (like, in this case, blogging) must be put on hold in order to take care of practical things.

So I will be taking a slight--approximately a month--hiatus.  It seems that after a month of unemployment (April 1 to May 1), a school decided to hire me until the end of the school year to teach honors math...very exciting.  The pay is not great, but it is nice to be teaching again, and there are four "preps" involved...in other words, I am teaching four different subjects within mathematics--normally a teacher teaches three subjects within their content area, so this is an extra challenge.  Wonderful, exciting, and will pay the mortgage for the month of August...but sadly, not enough time to blog until mid June...so it might be spotty in the blogosphere for me.

In the meantime, there are about 26 blogs I wrote that you can check out...on lots of topics!  Check out http://sustainablesandy.blogspot.com/2012/04/organic-foodon-budget.html?showComment=1337214288281#c6748673076443088948 my blog about shopping for organic food on a budget, or any of the tabs above which have information about heirloom veggies, nontoxic cleaning products, and other (hopefully helpful) topics.

And I will try to check in from time to time until mid-June. Talk to me...I am on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/ShepherdsHarvest.  A sustainable life sometimes means you sacrifice the good for the practical.  It is only for a season...a short one!  I'll be back.  Soon!


  1. Good luck Sandy. Enjoy teaching. We'll still be here when your ready.
    Dawn RI

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Dawn! Can't wait to get back to doing what I love to do best.


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