You are HOW old?!?!?

People ask me how I look so young...I'm in my late 50's and have both wrinkles AND acne, and have had severe health problems over the last few years (including TWO bouts with Guillain Barre Syndrome and painful Small Fiber Neuropathy)...young?!?!?!  Yet when people find out my age, they are surprised. 

I'll be honest...the above photo was taken in 2014, about 5 years ago, the lower left photo is a few years newer...but...I still get asked!

In the future, I'll be posting the skin care products I use to look younger, fresher, and healthier...some are carried by my little company, Shepherd's Harvest, LLC, like the soaps I use, and others are recipes that I make in my kitchen.

For your are some unretouched "through the years" photos. (The hair... )
Peace and love,

P.S.  Later, I will discuss makeup...stay tuned!

Now...age 50 something!!!
Around age 40, on a cruise with my husband.
Around age 30, with family.

Age 16, at a Prom!
Age 2, sitting in Mom's lap.